Monday, April 12, 2010

Accessing adsense account from android device

Since I got my new android phone (T-mobile pulse, with andoid 1.5), I was unable to check the balance of my adsense account from my phone. I tried a few different browsers (dolphin, default android browser, opera mini (2 versions), steel..) and I could not access the account with any of those apps. Since there is no available official adsense application, and the only adsense app is not available in my country (its not free, and it was banned afterwards anyway), there was no way to check the adsense account from my new android device...

I was searching the net for a solution, but I could not find it, adsense account can not be checked properly from an androd device...


After I spent a few hours playing with the default android browser, i found a way, so, its not true that adsense accounts can not be checked from android devices.

This is what you need to do in order to check your adsense account from android device.

First, make the adsense page your home page. When you start the browser, it will get you to your home page (adsense), and it will ask for a username and password. Type your username and password here, you will open the adsense page, but it will not load properly (the problem with all previous browsers). Shown on the picture down.

Now open another window (adsense home page), and type the username and passwrod here as well, the page will load, but not correctly, just close the present window, the window behind will reload and you will see a fully loaded adsense page, just like on the pictures down. You will be able to access all parts of your adsense account.

That's it. Please comment any questions.

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